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 This is my fourth book of poems.

I thought I’d celebrate that by asking some poets and writers whose work I enjoy – and which I recommend
you get your mitts on – to read the proofs of ‘more bees bigger bonnets’ and say a few words about it.

Lovely people that they are, that’s exactly what they did.
Here’s what they had to say…..

First, I asked some poets.


‘Hard-hitting, human and humorous. Good stuff.’
Attila the Stockbroker

 ‘Bloody good broadside balladeering’
Tony Walsh (Longfella)

‘…a tower block of a book, each flat containing beautifully drawn characters from 21st century Britain screaming from the windows – the girl about to have a good day, the man who challenges a conglomerate, the unstoppable, the flawed, the irreverent, the social outlaw. This book will make you stand up as you read it. It will make you laugh but your laughter will taste of tears. Steve’s best work yet.’
Joelle Taylor

Then I asked some authors.
‘Steve is something the world needs right now, a poet who looks the 21st century directly in the face. He’s a writer who tempers anger and outrage with compassion and hope. He understands that, just like fury, humour is a potent weapon, and that politics and the struggle to simply live is part of the everyday for most people. It’s poetry for everyman, with the language of the workplace and the pub, showing that there’s beauty to be found everywhere. With more bees bigger bonnets, he fires up the guns of rage, but also moulds the blocks of outrageous hope for the future.’
Chris Nickson

‘These poems are an insight into the harsh world that surrounds us. They will humour you, sadden you and inspire you; they will stay with you – I’ve still got “The Knock” knocking around in my head – a great testament to a great poet.’
Steve Ignorant

‘Here is the news: but softer, slower, deeper, with a sense of space and time that the internet too often doesn’t allow. And the poems are shot through with real people’s lives, with tragedy and despair and with joy and optimism. In these poems, people often smile and laugh in the face of a world going wrong.
Here is the news: but real.’

Boff Whalley

Oh, and ‘more bees bigger bonnets’ is just £6.00 +p&p at the ignitebooks website.
Worth a punt in anybody’s money, eh?