This book is my fourth, and probably my best (so far).
bees front cover_bees
But don’t take my word for it!

Want to know what Louder Than War had to say about it? click here
Poetry site Write Out Loud have given it a great review too!
And economist Richard Murphy made it one of his books of the year in The Times Higher Education review of 2015!!

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My third collection of poetry, Island Songs is still on sale via Ignite Books.
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Watch this space for news of book number five…. coming soon.


Poetry is all about engaging with an audience, sharing ideas, and making connections.
If you want me to come to your town, drop me a line, and we’ll see what we can do.
Here’s the first of my dates for 2017.  I’ll add to this list through the year.
Birmingham: 16th Jan-6th Feb 2017. Not a poetry gig, but the exhibition punk in Walsall, which I put together,
is on show at Parkside Gallery, Birmingham City Uni. And it’s free.
Wolverhampton: 27th Jan 2017. I’m part of the ‘Quiet Compere’ event at Wolves Lit Fest. Tickets here.
Wolverhampton: 29th Jan 2017. I’ll be one of the MCs for Wolves Slam. Tickets here.
Galway: 10th Feb 2017. My appearance at Charlie Byrne’s bookshop was scuppered by a missing ferry. Bah.
London: 20th Feb 2017. I’ll be guest reader at Brioche, 238 West End Lane, NW6.
St Andrews: 5th March 2017. I’ll be reading at StAnza international poetry festival. Tickets here.
Ludlow: 7th March 2017. I’ll be guest reader at The Poetry Lounge, in the Sitting Room.
Galway: 10th March 2017. I’m one of the poets reading (ferries permitting) at The Museum, Spanish Arch. 8pm onwards.
Guildford: 3rd April 2017. I’ll be feature poet at the wonderful 1000 Monkeys in the Keystone pub.
Wigan: 13th April 2017. As part the town’s Arts Fest, I’ll be doing a set at the legendary Wigan Write Out Loud.
Wolverhampton: 21st April 2017. A very special event. Myself, Emma Purshouse, and Dave Pitt present the premiere of our brand-new show
‘Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists’. Tickets on sale here.

Caersws: 23rd April 2017. I’m at Mid-Wales Art Centre. note: this is an afternoon gig!
Leeds: 28th April 2017. I’ll be one of the guest poets at Word Club in the Chemic Tavern.
Liverpool: 3rd May 2017. Myself and the wonderful poet Laura Taylor will be at 81Renshaw. A pay-as-you-feel gig.
Coventry: 4th May 2017. I’ll be guest poet at Fire & Dust.
Bromsgrove: 8th May 2017. I’ll be guest poet at Licensed to Rhyme at the Artrix Theatre.
Welshpool: 22nd May 2017. I’ll be guest poet at Verbatim, in the Westwood Hotel.

Walsall: 4th June 2017. With Emma Purshouse and Dave Pitt, I’ll be hosting ‘Yes, We Cant’, a new poetry and spoken word night
at the Pretty Bricks pub. Our first headliner? The wonderful, splendidly moustachioed, Jonny Fluffypunk.

Wolverhampton: 13th June 2017. I’ll be one of the guest poets at City Voices in their new home at The Lighthouse.
Wolverhampton: 25th June 2017. As part of the Arts Fest, myself and Jess Green at the Arena Theatre.
Otley: 30th June 2017. Myself and Laura Taylor will be sounding off at Otley Labour Club. More details soon.

Walsall: 2nd July 2017. With Emma Purshouse and Dave Pitt, I’ll be hosting the second ‘Yes, We Cant’, at the Pretty Bricks pub.
This month’s headliner? All the way from Tewkesbury, it’s Brenda Read-Brown. Not to be missed!

Edinburgh: 5th-11th August 2017. Myself, Emma Purshouse, and Dave Pitt take our show ‘Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists’ to the Free Fringe.
We’re at Bar-Bados on Cowgate at 7.30 each evening. Come and see us!

Shrewsbury: 5th Sep 2017. I’ll be one of the guest poets at Shrewsbury Poets.
Chesterfield: 1st Nov 2017. I’ll be feature poet at Spire Writes.
Derby: 22nd Dec 2017. I’ll be one of the guest poets at the Xmas edition of Word Wise.
I’ll keep adding gigs as they come in. If you want me in your town, get in touch and we’ll see what we can sort out!!


I woke up in Leeds at the start of November 2013 with – and I never thought I’d be typing these words – a poem about tax evasion writing itself down on the page as fast as my sleepy hand could move. Still, I guess someone had to do it. I called it ‘No-one likes an angry poet’. Tax Research UK like it. Which is a first for me. You’ll find it on the Poems page (where else?). Share it as widely as you like. You never know, we might just change something.


Words not enough? Filmed in an empty pub in Birmingham, posted to Youtube, yours to share.
And if you enjoyed that, nip over to the
videos page and check out some more….