FINE FINE WORDS.fine front cover


My fifth book of poems a fine fine place is out now.
It’s been a while in the making, and I’m really proud of it. I hope you’ll like it too.

Buying it is easy.
Just click on this link!
I’ll always* have copies with me at my gigs, too.

*dependent on me remembering to bring some with me, obviously.

My fourth book more bees, bigger bonnets has sold out of its second print run.
Which means it’s probably time to start thinking about book number six….


Poetry is all about engaging with an audience, sharing ideas, and making connections.
If you want me to come to your town, drop me a line, and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s the dates – so far – for the rest of 2019.

Lichfield: 21st May 2019. I’m guest at Poetry Alight.
Sandwell: 25th May 2019. I’m part of a team of poets doing pop-up poetry on the Midland Metro as part of the BLAST! festival.

Walsall: 2nd Jun 2019. This month’s headliner at Yes, We Cant is the fantastic Joe Cook.
Birmingham: 5th Jun 2019. The pandemonialists – myself, Dave Pitt, and Emma Purshouse – will be in the brewery at the Gunmakers’ Arms. Expect top-notch poetry! This is a pay-as-you-feel event.
Morecambe: 12th Jun 2019. Myself and Emma Purshouse will be guest poets at Matt Panesh’s arts shop.
Gatehouse of Fleet: 15th Jun 2019. Emma Purshouse and myself move on to be guest poets in south-west Scotland.

Glasgow: 24th Jun 2019. Myself and Emma are guest poets at Last Monday in Waterstones. 7.30pm start.
Kendal: 29th Jun 2019. Emma and myself are guest poets at Verbalise in the Brewery Arts Centre.
Walsall: 6th Jul 2019. The Pandemonialists will be performing as part of Freeverse, Walsall’s poetry and spoken word festival.

Walsall: 7th Jul 2019. We welcome Nafeesa Hamid to Yes we Cant. If you haven’t seen Nafeesa perform yet, put this date in your diary. If you have seen her, put this date in your diary.
Ledbury: 14th Jul 2019. I’m very happy to be performing at Ledbury Poetry Festival

Wolverhampton: 17th Jul 2019. Home & Away welcomes Mark Connors, Gill Lambert, and Joe Williams to our quarterly event at the Lighthouse.
Burton: 4th Sep 2019. the Pandemonialists will be performing their poems at the new spoken word night.
Wolverhampton: 27th Oct 2019. It’s a hometown gig for the Pandemonialists Edinburgh Fringe show! Part of the Funny Things festival.
Manchester: 6th Nov 2019. I’m guest poet at Word Central, along with Emma Purshouse.

I’ll keep adding gigs as they come in. If you want me in your town, get in touch and we’ll see what we can sort out!!


One autumn day I woke up to find – and I never thought I’d be typing these words – a poem about tax evasion writing itself down on the page as fast as my sleepy hand could move. Still, I guess someone had to do it. I called it ‘No-one likes an angry poet’. Tax Research UK like it. Which is a first for me. You’ll find it on the Poems page (where else?). Share it as widely as you like. You never know, we might just change something.


Words not enough? Filmed in an empty pub in Birmingham, posted to Youtube, yours to share.
And if you enjoyed that, nip over to the
videos page and check out some more….