My fifth book of poems a fine fine place is out now.
It’s been a while in the making, and I’m really proud of it. I hope you’ll like it too.

Buying it is easy.
Just click on this link!
I’ll always* have copies with me at my gigs, too.

Meanwhile, a handful of copies of my fourth book more bees, bigger bonnets are still available. If you want to know more, you can read all about it here.
And buy it here.

*dependent on me remembering to bring some with me, obviously.


Poetry is all about engaging with an audience, sharing ideas, and making connections.
If you want me to come to your town, drop me a line, and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s the dates – so far – for the second half of 2018.

Walsall: 1st Jul 2018. Yes We Cant welcomes wonderful guest poet Dominic Berry.
Wolverhampton: 19th Jul 2018. The first of our ‘Home & Away’ nights. Premier league poetry from local poets and a visiting team. July’s guests? Swindon. Location? The Lighthouse.
Bridgnorth: 20th Aug 2018. I’m one of the guest poets at the music festival in the Shakespeare pub, West Castle St.
Walsall: 2nd Sep 2018. This month, Yes We Cant welcomes Rob Barratt.
Barnt Green: 10th Sep 2018. I’m headlining at Licensed to Rhyme, with Emma Purshouse and Dave Pitt.
Whitchurch: 26th Sep 2018. We’re taking the PPP Edinburgh show to the Talbot Theatre. 7.30pm start.

Frome: 2nd Oct 2018. We’re taking the PPP Edinburgh show to the Merlin Theatre!
Tickets here.
Bristol: 3rd Oct 2018. The PPP show heads for the Arts House cafe in Bristol! Tickets £6 on the door.
Stroud: 5th Oct 2018. We’re taking the PPP Edinburgh show to Stroud Valleys Artspace.
Tickets £6 adv, £7 on door. On sale here!

Walsall: 7th Oct 2018. Yes, We Cant welcomes the outstanding Melanie Branton to the Pretty Bricks!
Wolverhampton: 17th Oct 2018. Home & Away returns to the Lighthouse. Visiting team? Stoke.
Walsall: 4th Nov 2018. It’s Yes, We Cant! With Ash Dickinson headlining.
Wolverhampton: 6th Nov 2018. I’ll be at the Arena Theatre talking about writing punk autobiographies. See this blog. Free entry.
Morecambe: 30th Nov 2018. We’re taking the PPP Edinburgh show to the Alt-Space in Morecambe. 7.30pm start. Also running a workshop next day (more details soon).

Walsall: 2nd Dec 2018. Our final Yes We Cant of the year. Expect something very special….
Lichfield: 4th Dec 2018. Cancelled. For the second time this year, the organiser at Poetry Alight agrees a gig then books someone else, and I find out via Facebook.
Worcester: 8th Dec 2018. Myself, Dave, and Emma will be doing guest sets at the re-opened Worcester Arts Centre.
Huddersfield: 17th Dec 2018. Myself, Dave, and Emma will be doing guest sets at Queenie’s Coffee House.
Wolverhampton: 22nd Dec 2018. PPP will be doing pop-up poetry and running a poetry bookshop at the Lighthouse to raise money for it and for a local charity. From 1pm.

I’ll keep adding gigs as they come in. If you want me in your town, get in touch and we’ll see what we can sort out!!


I woke up in Leeds at the start of November 2013 with – and I never thought I’d be typing these words – a poem about tax evasion writing itself down on the page as fast as my sleepy hand could move. Still, I guess someone had to do it. I called it ‘No-one likes an angry poet’. Tax Research UK like it. Which is a first for me. You’ll find it on the Poems page (where else?). Share it as widely as you like. You never know, we might just change something.


Words not enough? Filmed in an empty pub in Birmingham, posted to Youtube, yours to share.
And if you enjoyed that, nip over to the
videos page and check out some more….