a cabinet member speaks on condition of anonymity

This third runway down at Heathrow
it’s a controversial decision,
cue pollution, noise, more homes destroyed
the cat of progress feasting on unhappy local pigeons.
The required investment is colossal.
Economic benefits, unclear.
Is this the right thing in the wrong place?
Should we really build it here?
The M4’s at capacity.
the Tube is never fun.
Is the idea of a hub outdated?
Would Gatwick be a better one?
How’s this fit with our commitment
to tackling climate change?
Should we plight our troth to continual growth?
Is that realistic? Or simply deranged?
How will this play with the electorate?
Will the jobs help with our standard of living?
We’ve ****ed up the trains
now we’ve the heartache and pain
this damn bloody runway is giving.

Granted, there’s numerous downsides,
but if you ask me how I feel,
I picture Boris before the bulldozer –
and me behind the steering wheel.

© Steve Pottinger. 6th June 2018

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