why you are #beachready

because you deserve to feel
the sun on your skin
hot sand between your toes
to slough off the workday drudge
and free your smile
because it will be fun
because ice-cream melts fast
and tastes good
because it’s your laugh that matters
because no-one ever died thinking
the best thing they did
was spend three years on a diet
so they could wear a bikini
for half an hour on the one decent day
we have in a british summer
then spend that thirty minutes
holding their stomach in
afraid to breathe
Really. Do the maths.
because you’re beautiful. Right now.
because when did you last build a sandcastle?
because you will return home
sun-kissed and contented
because you can be certain that
as soon as a cheap hustler
in a bad suit
tries to sell you something
then you don’t need it
because there are small fish
scurrying crabs and anemones
in the rock pools
and they don’t give a toss
about your curves
your weight
your BMI
because I am a lot like an anemone
most men are
because at night you can go
and it will feel like liberation
because it’s not the office
because life is too short to be miserable
because you can gaze out
to where the sea meets the sky
off into the infinite blue
and out there
light years away
on a planet we haven’t even found yet
a creature is dipping all seventeen
of its three-foot toes in the water
and gazing back at you
because well it might be, right?
because don’t ever let someone tell you
what you can and cannot do
because your dreams are worth more than gold
and you are your dreams and more
because the best moments in your life
can be stitched with seaweed, shells
the sound of surf
the memory of laughter
sunlight shimmering on water
because I may not know much
but I’m sure of this
because you’re beautiful right now
and you’re ready
and you want to
© Steve Pottinger

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