a word in your shell-like, guv

The BBC, it’s sad but true,
aren’t covering this story
about the general election
and the slush fund for the tories,
how they targeted constituencies
they feared they wouldn’t win
in twenty-four seats they splashed the cash
to ensure their chap got in.
If you haven’t heard about this fraud
this electoral roll of shame
let a poet step in where the Beeb fears to tread
and make sure you’re aware of their names…
There was creative accounting in Cornwall
in Dudley they diddled and dodged
in Pudsey and Plymouth they played fast and loose
in Lincoln a lawsuit will surely be lodged
in Sherwood they rode, like the sheriff,
through the rules they’re supposed to obey
and in Sutton & Cheam their dishonest scheme
bought success, as it did in Torbay.
Cheltenham, Chippenham, Yeovil, and Wells
were all targets for tory largesse
we all know there was cheatin’ went on in Nuneaton
Northampton was nobbled, no less
than Morecambe, and Bury, and Erewash,
South Thanet, and then Weaver Vale.
The Cannock Chase costs were a swift sleight of hand
in Broxtowe, the budget was clearly for sale
a scam pulled down in Amber Valley
helped make sure the result went their way
democracy died down in Thornbury
don’t let anyone tell you that crime doesn’t pay.
© Steve Pottinger. May 5, 2016

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