the trials and tribulations of Ms Amber Rudd

Amber’s star is burning bright,
and then the Windrush generation
kick up a fuss, instead of just
accepting deportation.
If they’ve lost homes and benefits
Amber agrees that it’s horrific
but Amber can’t be held to blame
because Amber is terrific!
She’d no idea that this was happening
Amber’s just looking after borders
Amber was on holiday
Amber never gave the orders.
This is all news to Amber
and it causes Amber pain
to learn that Amber was in charge
of putting people on a plane
to meet with Amber’s quotas
and expel them from this nation
because Amber said they didn’t have
enough documentation.
It’s the first that Amber’s heard of it.
What? It’s been going on for years??
Amber’s shocked to Amber’s core
Amber’s on the verge of tears.
That memo sent to Amber?
Amber hadn’t read it.
Targets for removals, guv?
Well, Amber never said it.
Amber’s in a hole and digging
Amber’s almost disappeared
the environment’s so hostile
it seems Amber’s end is near.
And Theresa keeps her head down
which comes as no surprise
there’ll be no help for Amber there.
Goodbye, Amber. Goodbye.

© Steve Pottinger. 27th Apr 2018

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