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It’s here!
My latest book is a cavalcade of poems.
It’s packed with reviews from some of the great and good of the modern poetry scene and beyond.
You’ll find it on sale here.


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For the past year or so, I’ve been busy working with Tezz Roberts of Discharge on his autobiography.
It’s now on sale here!





City Baby cover



I’m incredibly pleased to have co-written City Baby, the autobiography of Ross Lomas, bassist with GBH.
And even more pleased how much people are liking it!
The first, second, third and fourth print runs completely sold out, so we’re onto the 5th. Amazing!





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My 4th book of poems.
A celebration of everything that’s good

and some choice words for the rest.
Now sold out.







This is my third collection of poems.
You can read reviews of it here.
But you can’t buy it, because it’s sold out. Sorry.





kissing it all



I’ve previously published two volumes of poems and short stories, Shattered and Kissing It All.
Shattered has now sold out, but you can buy Kissing It All from me at gigs, or click on the book image to order it from the Ignite Books website




less rock cd cover


I also have a spoken word track ‘Thailand’ on the CD Less Rock More Talk
which has contributions from Jello Biafra, Noam Chomsky, Penny Rimbaud and many more!
The music on my track was created by Dean White of New Model Army…
and now we’ve made it available on iTunes! For just 79p!!!




book cover


In 2010, I co-wrote The Rest Is Propaganda,
the autobiography of Steve Ignorant, frontman of anarcho-punk legends Crass…
I’m very pleased to say Steve has now published it himself, solving all the problems we had with the previous publishers.
You can buy it here.