best laid plans

In those heady, innocent days before pandemics and lockdowns were a thing, and we each had all the toilet roll we wanted, I’d got today down in my diary for the launch of my latest book. And it was going to be in a pub, too (remember those?) which meant the afternoon was going to get ever more delightfully messy and celebratory, and Monday morning was very likely to be correspondingly groggy and hungover.

Ah well. Best-laid plans and all that. There are more important things taking up our time and our attention now. Hopefully, though, hopefully we’ll reschedule the launch for some point in the future when we can meet up safely, when pubs are open once more and we’re all trying to remember how to hold a conversation and how to order at the bar.

You’ll all be invited, of course. It’ll be lovely to see you. 😊 In the meantime, if you feel you can’t possibly wait three weeks/months/years (delete as appropriate) you can always get your mitts on ‘thirty-one small acts of love and resistance’ here. Thanks.