dungheap cockerel

Culture Matters have been playing their part in supporting and promoting radical, political poetry for years. The work they do is invaluable – and achieved on a shoestring budget. They’ve commemorated the coronation of our latest monarch with an anthology of poems entitled Dungheap Cockerel, which brings together the work of over forty poets who had something to say about the concept of hereditary monarchy in an impoverished nation in the 21st c. I’m delighted to be one of those poets.

The book is available as a PDF (which you can download for free, although donations to support the work of Culture Matters will undoubtedly be appreciated if you can afford it). Alternatively, you can order one of a limited number of printed copies (at £9 + £2 p&p). Both formats are available here. Huge thanks to everyone at Culture Matters, all the poets, and Rip Bulkeley who pulled the whole thing together. I can’t wait to read my copy when it arrives.

the cover of Dungheap Cockerel. Brilliant, isn’t it?