A couple of years ago British Art Show 9 came to Wolverhampton. To complement this, there was an event called Offsite9, involving local artists, and as part of that I was one of ten people commissioned to write a piece about an empty building in the city centre and imagine how it could be brought back into use. A QR code on the side of the building allowed visitors to Wolverhampton to listen to an audio of me reading the poem, and – as they walked round the city – the other pieces on the other nine buildings.

It was a great project to be part of.

Two years on, I asked videomaker Patrick Dunn if he could possibly create a piece to accompany my poem and bring it to life. He said yes, and I’m utterly delighted with what he’s done. As of this morning, the video is up on YouTube. Please, take a look. And if you enjoy it – and obviously I hope you do – please let other people know about it, too. Thanks.