kicking and screaming

So here it is. Craic. The new kid on this particular website’s block.
For some months now I’ve been meaning to set up some kind of blog, a page where I can get up on my hind legs and spout off about whatever’s been inspiring or infuriating or enticing me. In past years I did that down the pub, but now I drink less. Then there was facebook, which was grand for a while, till they started filling it with adverts and taking ‘aggressive begging’ to a whole new level. Yes, there’s always Twitter, but that 140 character strait-jacket is a wee bit snug. So I thought, Sod it. Let’s have a bit of craic and do something new.
And, a few months down the line, here it is. I hope you’re going to enjoy it. I hope that, like the best nights down the pub, there’ll be laughter, conversation, and a tiny bit of setting the world to rights. I hope there’s new friendships made, old ones strengthened, decent beer on tap, and some wasabi peas to go with it. Come on in, grab a seat by the fire, the musicians will be here later.
If we’re lucky, there might just be a lock-in.