making ourselves heard

I don’t often get round to talking about my poetry. For the most part, I’d far rather my poems spoke for themselves: they’re likely to be every bit as eloquent, far less prone to heading off at a tangent, and don’t – generally – scare the horses. But recently, one or two of them have muttered darkly about sharing workload and everyone pulling their weight. The other week, I found the words ceci n’est pas un horse’s head written in fresh ink across my favourite pillowcase, workshy fop scrawled across the kitchen wall.

I took the hint. And when Andy N got in touch to ask if I’d like to do an interview for his poetry/spoken word podcast, I said yes. We had a grand time, chatting about how I got into performing my work, how the poetry scene has developed and changed since then, and much much more. You can watch all that here. And if you’re in the mood for hearing me read a few poems from my new book snapshots from the fall of home, well, you can do that too. Just click this link. My sincere thanks to Andy for the opportunity to blather on about anything and everything on a wintry Sunday afternoon.

As for the poems… I’m delighted to say they’re still making their voices heard, too. 15, Darlington Street sneaked off to Verve Poetry Festival and got itself chosen as one of this year’s fourteen poetry films. The clever little thing. If you want to, you can watch it – and all the other thirteen poems – this Friday night at Verve, either in-person or via their livestream. Alternatively, just click on the poem title earlier in the paragraph and you can watch it on YouTube right now. The choice is yours.