masquerades and new tricks

It’s been an interesting few days. On Friday I did my first ever ‘live’ online poetry gig – yes, I know, I’m late to the party – and found that while it’s not really quite the same as standing up behind a mic in front of an audience who are in the room with you, it’s still good fun. And possibly the best option available, for the next few months at least, to those of us who enjoy performing our work.

What I’m saying is… yes, I’m up for more of that. So if you’ve room for a feature poet at an online event you’re organising, well, just drop me a line. Thanks!

And in other news… yesterday, at the International Conference on European Studies (presumably also held online) an academic presented a paper called “The Fist That Masquerades As Bumbling…: On England, Englishness and Brexit in Steve Pottinger’s A Fine Fine Place (2017)”. I don’t know* that my work has ever been the subject of an academic paper before, and I’m simultaneously surprised, delighted, and deeply curious about what they had to say.

2020. It’s a funny old year. I wonder what’s coming next.

*I’m fairly bloody certain it hasn’t. lol.