operation big dog

Back in October 2020, a musician called An Croenen got in touch to ask if she could put the words of my poem Fatima to music, and created something spellbindingly beautiful. Then someone else offered to make a video to accompany my words, and I wrote a blog about the kindness of strangers, attempting to explain how joyous it was to have other artists collaborate on my work.

Last week, I wrote a poem called Operation Big Dog, the subject matter of which should be instantly clear to anyone who’s been paying the slightest attention to the drunk-at-the-wheel car crash that is the current UK government. I posted the poem on social media, and someone suggested I should find an artist who’d put the words to music. So I contacted An. What she came back with was just wonderful. And with time being of the essence, I decided I’d have a stab at making a quick (and simple) video to accompany the track. You can watch it here, on YouTube. My sincere thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed it and shared it so far. If you haven’t, give it a go. What An has done is uplifting, hopeful, and incredible. Have a listen, be amazed, and then check out more of her work here. It’s worth it. Trust me, it is.