rivers of stupid

It’s fifty-five years since Enoch Powell made his infamous ‘rivers of blood’ speech, and judging by yesterday’s comments beneath a Twitter post pointing this out, there’s plenty of people dumb and deluded enough to still believe “eNoCh WaS rIgHt” despite decades of evidence to the contrary.

Arguing with them is an exercise in futility. There are brick walls more capable of critical thought. Far better to amplify and celebrate the range of voices and cultures and experiences that are woven into this mongrel nation, whose very existence offers a powerful counter-narrative to the whining of a vocal minority who hanker after a golden age that never existed. All of which means that the publication of the anthology ‘Welcome to Britain’ is a timely one.

In this book, compiled and edited by Ambrose Musiyiwa – and with a glorious re-imagining of the Union Flag on the cover – you’ll find a wealth of poems and short stories subverting the myths Britain likes to tell itself; an aim to put something better in their place. Buy a copy. Read it. Share it with friends. This book is more powerful than walls. Get your copy here.