the best pub

A couple of days ago, my poem ‘this is the best pub in the world’ was released as the latest in a series of ‘Winter Warmers’ celebrating the wonders of our local boozers. It’s one of seven poems commissioned by arts organisation Inn Crowd late last autumn to highlight the importance of pubs, and it was an absolute honour to be asked to represent the Midlands.

The poem was filmed in Norwich, in early December. I could barely remember when I’d last travelled that far. I knew it was months since I’d left my immediate area of the Black Country, but this was a day out! A trip! A chance to remind myself what the world beyond Wolverhampton actually looked like! I took a co-pilot with me so we could share the excitement…

Reader, there was thick fog the length of the A14. We saw nothing at all.
If that isn’t a metaphor for 2020, I don’t know what is.

But I did get to meet up – carefully, at a safe distance – with the other poets who’d been commissioned, and who’ve written glorious pieces in praise of pubs. If you’ve watched them, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t, free up twenty minutes in your day, and give yourself a treat. Honestly, you deserve it. You can see my poem here. And you’ll find the full series of poems here.

Thank you to Inn Crowd for commissioning such a joyous project. It’s been a thrill to be involved.