trumpet blowing alert

This blog is, first and foremost, a reminder for me. It’s reminder for those future days when the old imposter syndrome sides up and whispers nonsense in my ear, it’s a reminder for the days to come when finding any joy in the world is more of a struggle than I can deal with, it’s a reminder for the days – and yes, they happen – when hope is a stranger and the future uncertain. It’s a reminder, at the end of a spectacularly difficult year, of what I’ve managed to do over these twelve months. Scroll on by if this isn’t for you….

I released my sixth book of poems.
I’m very thankful to everyone who’s bought it.
I’ve had pieces included in three different anthologies.
I’ve written over twenty poems for Poetry on Loan.
I’ve done a dozen Zoom gigs. Who said old dogs couldn’t learn new tricks?
I did some ‘real’ gigs back in March.
I’ve done one ‘real’ gig since. Thanks, Ironbridge Festival of the Imagination.
I’ve run over sixty workshops.
I’ve had more fun working with the pandemonialists than is probably legal.
I’ve written twelve commissioned pieces.
I was lucky enough to have my poem Fatima set to music by An Croenen.
And turned into a video by Patrick Dunn.

Above all, I’ve been lucky. This blog is to remind me of that, as well. I hope you’ve been lucky, too, and that we all are in 2021.