Ignite Books is a small, vibrant, independent publishing house, with some wonderful writers on their books.
You can buy my work there too….
Drop in. I think you’ll like it.



WOL does more than any website I know to promote and popularise poetry.
Free to use, open to anyone who cares to join, and revelling in the spoken word.
If you care about poetry, these guys deserve your support. Not least because all their hard work is entirely self-funded.
They get no grants or Arts Council funding of any kind. Run purely on passion and hard graft.



A master of comedy, of bittersweet truths, and deflating pomposity. Byron Vincent makes me laugh like a drain.
If you’re old enough to remember and love Henry Normal, you’ll adore this.




I’ve seen Jess Green on stage twice. Each time her work blew me away.
Nuff said.





Sadly, this site is no longer running.
I think a website which gives poets a chance to submit work in response to the news is a valuable resource,
and I hope someone will create a replacement soon.




john sevigny


You’ll find incredible photography on the website of John Sevigny.  Check it out.







Boff Whalley. Was in that there Chumbawamba.
Now a writer, playwright, blogger, a
nd general good egg.






I first met Chris Nickson in Seattle.
He’s now in his hometown of Leeds, which is the inspiration for much of his work.
Wonderful writing.




tony walsh


Tony Walsh (aka Longfella) is one of the UK’s most talented poets.
And a lovely man.
You’ll find his website here






Want yet another great poet? Here’s Joelle Taylor. Unmissable.







Rugby, good banter, great beer.
Afternoons of frustration compensated by others of pure brilliance.
Welcome to life as a Moseley fan.