in another city
or another part of town
one of them would be filming this
on his Go-Pro
the slo-mo catching every leap,
the light just right,
camera passing over the designer brands
casually-worn because they know they deserve them
a montage of smiles and high-fives,
boyish bravado
set to a soundtrack of edgy music
by guitar bands too cool for you to know

it’s just a gang of scallies
in trackies making a din
clambering up the scaffolding
shrieking at the top of their voices
calling each other wankaaar!
shattering the silence
of a sunday afternoon
like someone else’s windows
raising a little bit of hell
before the rain returns
or recreation turns to need
or the cops roll in
too bored of this for sirens

doing the old dance
same as the new dance
same as the old dance
par for the course

© Steve Pottinger 18 September 2017