You’ll find videos of some of my poems are now on Youtube.

operation big dog…

with music and vocals by the amazingly talented
An Croenen

hometown madonna

a poem about lockdown, and new life


she’s busy working in cyber….

jam today: mrs veronica blake’s manifesto…

re-imagining Jerusalem for the 21st c.

you do not listen…

Because we deserve better. Simple as that.


This won a prize in the 2019 Bread & Roses Spoken Word competition. Show it some love.


My two penn’orth on ignorance and nationalism.


A poem in honour of the 2017 general election, and the vacuous soundbites of our current* PM….
*by which I mean ‘last’…

Donald J Hairstyle

Not a poem dripping with subtlety, more a broadside at a necessary target.
The first of my videos to feature a mop.

a single step

Optimistic, dreamy, comic. Make yourself a cuppa, sit down, and enjoy!

the ostentatious breastfeeder

Breastfeeding. What’s the fuss?

every night, the same dream

A response to Katie Hopkins calling migrants ‘cockroaches’.

Let us pretend

I watched what happened in Gaza, and wrote this.

no-one likes an angry poet

All about corporate tax evasion but won’t send you to sleep.

the day we elected…

Taking my hat off to the legendary Wilko Johnson.

13th floor

I used to work with homeless people in Leeds. This story is true.

Audio Tracks

Following the success of my poem Stabberjocky, I decided it might be fun to put it to music. The talented Swoomptheeng music collective from Birmingham have done something wonderful with it. To listen to their creation, click here.

Swoomptheeng also added the incidental music to my short story Love, and Coats, which I recorded for Brum Radio in June 2016. You can listen to that here.