Book six. This is, I think, my best book yet. Packed with poems.
Thirty-one of them. On sale here.

But after the gig… is the latest in a series of punk autobiographies I’ve helped write. Tezz Roberts is a founder member of UK punk legends Discharge, and has a wealth of incredible stories. This book is on sale here

City Baby cover

When Ross Lomas decided to tell his story, I don’t think either of us expected City Baby to sell in the numbers it has. Now in its fifth print run, it’s on sale here. Worth every penny.

Those three books are still available. Earlier ones – a fine, fine place; more bees, bigger bonnets; Island Songs; and Shattered – have all sold out, but are available as digital e-books. Also sold out is the punk autobiography I wrote with Steve Ignorant of Crass, The Rest is Propaganda, but you may find the occasional copy lurking in a charity shop somewhere. Who knows? It can’t hurt to look.