a fish rots

There’s a proud and wonderful tradition in poetry and song of sharing work which mocks our lords and masters. Work which is witty, and barbed, and furious, which climbs to the rooftops and shouts to the world that the emperor is starkers, and let’s not pretend he isn’t. Back in the day, these were often printed on cheap sheets of paper and sold for pennies as broadsheet ballads.

Nowadays? Well, perhaps they end up in free online booklets like ‘A Fish Rots From The Head’, which has been produced by the good folk at Culture Matters and contains work from dozens of poets who found they’ve got something to say about the state of our government and the narcissistic charlatan who heads it. In it, you’ll find satire and scorn, lambasting and limericks. And it won’t cost you a penny – though there is an option to make a donation to support the work of Culture Matters if you’ve the spare cash and the inclination.

Grab a copy. Have a read. I’ve a couple of pieces in there myself, but don’t let that put you off – there’s some cracking work in this booklet, and over seventy pieces to enjoy. Check it out.