devil finds work…

I’ve had time on my hands of late (who hasn’t, eh?) and that’s brought all sorts of unexpected adventures in its wake. The house is considerably tidier and cleaner than it was when lockdown started back in what feels like Spring 1983, for starters. More pertinently for the purposes of a poetry blog, it also means that Ignite Books have finally got round to creating digital editions of the three volumes of my poetry which are out of print. Yay!

You can now buy copies of Island Songs, more bees bigger bonnets, and a fine fine place for all digital platforms, whether you use Kindle or anything else (links below).We’ve also taken the decision that 50% of the income from these books will go to support the work of The Haven women’s refuge in Wolverhampton. You can read about their work (and make a donation) here.

Here’s those links for Kindle users… click on the title to open the relevant shop page on Amazon. Island Songs; more bees bigger bonnets; a fine fine place.

For other e-readers, you’ll find all three books on Smashwords. Again, click the titles. Island Songs; more bees bigger bonnets; a fine fine place.

Oh, and my latest volume of poems ‘thirty-one small acts…’ is featured publication of the month over on Atrium Poetry. They’ve been very kind about it. You can read what they said here. If you enjoy the poems they share in the article, and want to read more, why not treat yourself to a copy of the book? After all, it’s cheaper and safer than going down the pub. Probably.