It’s great being a poet. But without the hard work of people who organise and put on poetry and spoken word nights, and who put in all the hours of graft to make sure they get bums on seats, we’ve nowhere to perform, and no audience to perform to.
The best ones make it look easy, even effortless. And Evidently, in the Eagle Inn in the bustling metropolis of the city of Salford (just north of the unremarkable village of Manchester) does it better than most.
Hats off to Kieren King and Ella Gainsborough and their team. They’ve woven together something magical. The Eagle is a great little venue, there’s a wonderful atmosphere, quality headline acts, and – from what I saw and heard last night – some excellent poets stepping up to take part in the open-mic. It’s their third birthday next month, and if you’re in the area, you should make a point of getting along.
You won’t regret it.