gone gone gone

If you’ve been meaning to buy a copy of my fourth book of poems more bees bigger bonnets, I’m sorry to tell you you’ve missed the boat. The last few copies of the second print run were snapped up at Thursday’s gig in Walsall (thanks, good folk of Orators & Opinions!)

I’m really proud of the work in more bees, and incredibly chuffed that so many people have  backed up my faith in it by shelling out their hard-earned on a copy. Like most poets, I know poetry’s unlikely to make me rich – you’d be bonkers to choose this route as the best way to untrammelled wealth – but it’s reassuring to find that the words I write strike a chord with others. That’s what it’s all about, in the end: communication. The sharing of ideas and experiences and voices. And that’s what poetry’s so good at, which is why I love it.

That’s enough trumpet-blowing for now. Time for a walk in the glorious spring sunshine. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for unlikely bonnets. And welcome bees.

note: the marketing department wishes to point out that you can pick up my fifth book of poems a fine fine place on the ignitebooks.co.uk website. Just follow this link.