good things come to…

Well, it’s all a bit different here, isn’t it? And yes, you’re right, it had needed doing for a while, but wasn’t it worth the wait? So far this weekend I’m spending far more time than is healthy scrolling through the wonder of my brand-new website, re-imagined and re-designed by the wonderful Creative Surge, who’ve quietly made it abundantly clear just how outdated the old website (constructed largely out of brown paper, string, and crossed fingers) actually was.

I hope you enjoy it, too.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding new poems and blogs, and making the small but necessary tweaks which will refresh some of the older content. Do pop back to see how things develop. It’d be lovely to see you. Before you go, though, could I recommend popping over to the videos page? It’s a thing of beauty. And I’m minded that right now my poem ‘you do not listen’ is possibly more relevant than ever. Take a look. If it strikes a chord with you, feel free to share it. And if you bump into me, wandering through poems, be sure to say ‘hi’. Let’s catch up over a virtual cup of tea.