here, there, everywhere

This summer, from the comfort of my own armchair (or, indeed, curled up underneath a duvet) I’m covering a surprising amount of ground. Or rather, my work is. From August 6th till the 30th, a digital version of the pandemonialists’ show ‘Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists’ is part of the PBH Virtual Free Fringe in Edinburgh (7pm each evening, if you fancy treating yourself to a piece of spoken word theatre from three of the Black Country’s finest). You’ll find the link for our show here.

While virtual me is up in Edinburgh, some of my writing has headed off in an entirely different direction, and hitched its way across the continent to Russia, where a Russian translation of ‘But after the gig…’ which tells the story of Tezz Roberts of Discharge – and what a story it is! – has hit the shelves, and is apparently selling well.

All of which leaves me free to spend my waking hours wading through funding applications for projects myself and the pandemonialists are putting together. Who’d choose Edinburgh or Moscow over the delights of form filling, eh? And yes, that’s a very rhetorical question.

Enjoy the show. I’ll be busy with my admin.