Like a lot of poets, I genuinely struggle with self-promotion. Really. Writing poems? No problem. Sharing them? Yep, that’s fine. Appreciating other people’s work? Of course. But when it comes to making a song and dance about – say – my new book, my toes curl and I  post some kind of mumbled er… I’ve a… you know… book thingummy… online before running away and doing something else instead.

All of which means that although ‘a fine fine place’ is my fifth book of poems, I’d never ever had a proper launch for any of the earlier ones. And I still wouldn’t have, if my fellow poets and prattlers Emma Purshouse and Dave Pitt hadn’t cajoled me into doing it this time round. But they did. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to the Lych Gate Tavern in Wolverhampton last Sunday to listen to me read some poems from the book, have a few beers, and enjoy samosas and pakora with their literature.

For those of you who want one, copies of the book are available… er… on sale… um… you know….

Oh god. There go my toes again.