patience, grasshopper

Over the years I’ve learned to recognise that poetry has its own timetable. There will be months when I don’t write anything much at all, and others where the pen just doesn’t stop moving. At the moment, I’m going through one of the not-writing-much phases, although one of the few poems I have scribbled down managed to get itself commended in the McLellan poetry competition, so it’s not all bad.

Mainly, though, I’m working on other things. Creating the Tim & Steve stories for Yorkshire Bylines. Exploring a few new writing projects. Renovating an old house. Getting involved in local community. Chewing the fat with the other pandemonialists. All these things are helping keep me sane in a world which often feels anything but. And that’s priceless.

The poetry will come back when it’s ready. My job is to wait, be patient, and enjoy life as best I can until then.