Re:Ignite festival

If you find yourself in Walsall town centre over the next six weeks, you’ll notice that previously empty shop windows are now filled with glorious art. It’s all part of the Re:Ignite arts festival (with financial support from the National Lottery Community) which is seeking to brighten up the town by showcasing the work of local people.

I’m delighted that my exhibitions ‘Punk in Walsall’ (about punks in Walsall, and originally created for the 40th anniversary of punk) and ‘One Ring To Bind Them’ (about wrestlers and wrestling in Walsall) are both on display as part of the festival. It’s an unexpected bonus outing for them both, and I’m extremely thankful to Re:Ignite festival, and to Walsall Creative Factory for making it possible to show them once more. So if you’re in Walsall, and fancy spending a few minutes gazing at a series of iconic portrait photos, and standing in the sunshine to read some of the interviews, then you’ll find them gracing the windows of a shop just below the bus station.

It’s wonderful to see so much art on display – all completely free – across the town centre. Not quite as good as it would be to see businesses thriving in what are currently vacant premises, of course, but a vast improvement on empty windows. Take a look. It might put a smile on your face. It’ll give you something to talk about. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make art of your own. And it’s all free, for the next six weeks.

Punk in Walsall