the protest of dogs

Winter can be a right old struggle, but this one has been considerably brightened by the news that my poem ‘El Vaquita’ was one of twenty-one poems commended by judge Kim Moore in the Verve poetry competition, which sought poems on the theme of ‘protest’.

The poem was inspired by the true story of El Vaquita, one of several Chilean street dogs who’ve achieved a certain fame for joining in with demonstrations – always on the side of the protestors, never the police. That’s a story in itself, but it’s what happened after El Vaquita was shot by police during a demonstration that’s truly wonderful and inspiring. You can find out all about that on the internet (like I did) or you could come to Verve poetry festival in central Birmingham on Sunday Feb 19th, where shortlisted and winning poets will be reading their poems.

I’m looking forward immensely to hearing how other poets responded to the competition theme. See you in Brum!