tim and steve

Back in December I wrote the first of the Tim and Steve dialogues, my attempt to shed light on – and have a few belly laughs at – the car crash that was Brexit. The dialogues quickly expanded their range as Tim held forth on the storming of the US Capitol, Big Plumbing, bumps in the road, squirrels, and more. The dialogues were my response to the successive waves of the ongoing culture wars, where there’s always something to be outraged about, something to fear, some shadowy bogeyman threatening your very way of life.

Crucially, despite their very different worldviews, Tim and Steve continue talking, keep being mates even when they’re each totally bemused by the other’s take on things. Maybe they’ve taught me something valuable by doing so. I’ve been surprised at just how much they’ve had to say, too. I think there are now fifteen freewheeling conversations between the two of them, and a quick look at the news pages suggests they won’t be running out of material any time soon.

Lately – what with Euro 2020 being all over the TV – they’ve been talking about football, and taking the knee. I’m very grateful to Yorkshire Bylines for continuing to share their adventures with the wider world, and you can read all of the Tim and Steve stories via my author page on their website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.